Wet Cast Plant / Vibrator Table

Parijatha has developed completed automated systems for wet cast production which basically consists of the accurate dosing system which can be screw system or volumetric hopper system which pours in the mixed material directly into the mould. The Mould is placed in steel or wood pallets of 600 x 600mm modules within which the configuration and placement of the designs have to be worked out to optimize maximum utilization of available area.

This pallets moves in a linear motion in four to five stations starting from Mould cleaning/spraying, dosing of the mixed material, two stages of vibration and then taken off by the handling system to be stored one above the other. These stacks are than removed by fork lift to the curing area and allowed for curing. The products are then de-moulded the next day and the moulds are moves back to the production area. The level of automation and handling can be designed as per customer’s specific requirements.Parijatha also manufactures Mixers and other related equipment that can compliment this system.

Vibrator table For Wet Cast Tiles

  • Unique design developed specifically for wet cast Tiles.
  • Easy to Clean and maintain, no possibly of blocking of holes.
  • Can be used in combination with Parijatha Planetary Mixer PM-150 for both top Mix and Back mix.
  • Very sturdy and robust construction for long life.
  • Very low power requirement – 1h.p.
  • Size: 1000 mm x 2800 mm.

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