LINEAR WET PRESS - Linear Wet Press

tile making machine

Parijatha, with their long and rich experience in manufacturing Heavy duty Hydraulic presses have developed the SingleMould linear Wet press for manufacture of high density products.
This machine can produce
• Heavy duty Kerb stones,
• Dished Channels
• Drain covers and slabs
• Flags
• Heavy duty paving Slabs- Plain and design
The salient features of this very popular machine are:
• Heavy duty frame with robust design and construction, capable of handling high pressure required for manufacture of wet pressed products.
• Flexible Mould system with possibility to manufacture various sizes and profiles using the same Mother mould, just by changing a few tooling.
• Specially designed hydraulic power pack for high pressure to the extent of 400 tons pressure, which is essential for manufacture of high density concrete products.
• Custom built handling system for fast and smooth handling of the finished products.
• All functions controlled by a single electrical panel with PLC control, designed for simplicity and ease of maintenance specially required for the industry.
• Various options of concrete dosing and product handling systems can be offered as per customers specific requirements.

The products manufactured by this process have the unique qualities of high compressive strength, very low water absorption, abrasion resistance and most importantly resistance to freeze – thaw cycles.

The quality parameters achieved in this process is impossible to achieve in other processes. Moulds can be specially developed according to the customer’s specific requirements for various kinds / types of products.

Unique Vacuum de watering system attached to the Press Head removes the water from the product. Easily replaceable filters ensure that only the water content is removed from the product and not the cement during the pressing process.