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Parijatha PBM-Plus Automatic Concrete Block Machine is capable of producing interlock paving blocks, bricks, solid blocks, hollow blocks, kerb stones and various other kinds of products suitable for the construction industry according to the requirement of the user.
This Automatic Concrete Block Machine has been developed in house at Parijatha, based on the extensive knowledge and experience in the manufacture of blocks and related machinery.

All the products manufactured in this PBM-Plus Automatic Concrete Block Machine are of the highest standards and meets international quality requirements. The machine is robust and sturdy in construction, designed for simple operation and has an ease of maintenance. This machine is fully automated and can be operated with semi skilled persons. The material feed box with levelling device will ensure that the material is uniformly fed in the mould cavity.

Additional feed box for face mix is provided in this PBM-Plus Automatic Concrete Block Machine. The empty pallets are fed automatically after each cycle and the pallets with the manufactured blocks are discharged automatically. The powerful hydraulic unit is specially designed particularly for this machine and is capable of working continuously under harsh working conditions. The electrical unit comprises of PLC control with an operator panel for various adjustments depending upon the type of products being manufactured in the machine. An exclusive operator panel is provided to help the operator monitor the production.

The main moving parts of the machine are robustly designed and require very little lubrication or maintenance. This machine is an invaluable asset which ensures years of trouble free operation and productivity.

Parijatha Automatic Block Machine “PBM-PLUS”
• The Parijatha automatic block machine “PBM-PLUS” comes with a pallet size of 600 x 700 mm.
• It is hydraulically operated.
• Individual material feed box is provided for both, back layer and top layer.
• It has an automatic pallet feeding and ejection system.
• It has bottom vibration system, synchronized by PLC control with hydraulics and electrical.
• It has a production capacity of 1200 cycles / 8 hour shift.
• The power requirement of the machine is 22 H.P.
• Products that can be manufactured on this machine include fly ash bricks, pavers, hollow blocks, solid blocks, and kerb stones.