tile making machine

Parijatha Three Station Rotary Press APM-316ED consists of three stations, one for filling the raw material and levelling, the second, used as pressing station, and the third, the de-moulding station.
This machine can be fitted with a feed hopper attachment which helps in dosing the right quantity of material into the mould. Due to the separate de-moulding station, the products can be slowly de-moulded without causing any damage to the freshly produced products on the pallet.
The specially designed hydraulic unit has a dedicated system for the pressing operation and separate system for other functions. The ejection and locking systems are operated pneumatically which make the complete machine easy to operate and maintain. The system is hermitically sealed to avoid any dust or water from entering the system ensuring years of trouble free operation. The electrical system is controlled by a PLC system coupled to a large sized HMI which has a range of options for setting and operation. This operator friendly system can be customized to specific application as per the customer needs.
The moulds for this machine are specially designed and manufactured as per customers’ designs, sizes and specifications in our state of art manufacturing facility with CNC controlled machinery. Special designs and sizes of grooved exterior tiles/slabs can be manufactured by just changing the base rubbers thus enhancing the range of products available to customers.

• The Parijatha Three Station Rotary Press “APM-316HD” comes with a pallet size of 700x600mm
• It is hydraulically operated.
• It has a maximum working pressure of 200Tons.
• It has an automatic product ejection system.
• It is PLC controlled with hydraulics and electrical.
• It has a production capacity of 1000 cycles / 8 hour shift (Depending on operator efficiency).
• The power requirement of the machine is 22 H.P.