tile making machine

The Parijatha Two station Rotary Press APM-216HD consists of two working stations one for filling the raw material, vibration and levelling. The other station is used for pressing, ejection and de-moulding of the pressed products. The products are removed by manually pushing the delivery tray into the moulding station where the products are automatically de-moulded and placed on the tray. The tray is then drawn out manually and placed in racks.

Since the machine has only two working stations, the mould can be manufactured within a short period of time at a very low cost as compared to bigger multi station machines.

• The Parijatha Two Station Rotary Press “APM-216HD” comes with a pallet size of 500x500mm
• It is hydraulically operated.
• It has a maximum working pressure of 120Tons.
• It has an automatic product ejection system.
• It is PLC controlled with hydraulics and electrical.
• It has a production capacity of 800 ~ 1000 cycles / 8 hour shift (Depending on operator efficiency).
• The power requirement of the machine is 16 H.P.